Saturday, June 21, 2008

Several WIP

I have several WIP (works in progress) that I have been working on. Some are cross stitch squares for charity quilts and a few more quilts for WOCS.

While I was in GA for the death of my Mom. I lady names Teresa put a post out for help with a quilt she wanted to make. She knows of a young lady that lost her Mom last year and is still have a hard time coping. So she started a quilt for this lady and I don't want to post the name of it becuase I might get it wrong so will do that later in another post.

Her question was could someone help her stitch the 23rd Psalms for the back of the quilt and add the info of the Mom to it. She also had a deadline of July 8 for this project. I emailed and told her that I could do it with my counted cross stitch. After chatting several times and working it all out I am stitching this for her.

It is so wierd sometimes how God can make things happen that you may never understand. This ladies Mom was only 3 years older than me. At my Mom's memerial service the 23rd Psalms was read. So I really think this is one of God's ways of helping me through my sad times with me reaching out to another.

I started the project on June 20,2008. I am stitching the 23rd Psalms printed by Cross My Heart. It is being done on 28ct honeysuckle pink. Teresa is using a black fabric for the backing so with the the pattern and colors I think it will look great together.

I will post the finished peice when I am done. I also hope that Teresa will let me post a photo of the finished quilt front and back for you to see.

Please say a prayer for this young lady and me that we will both be blessed through God grace and this project.

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