Saturday, March 29, 2008

Alyssa's Quilt from WOCS 2008

While visiting with Martha and Wayne (my cousin and her hubby) the first weekend in March. I was finishing the square for David K for Love Quilts. We got to talking about the square and she knew someone from her town in Ga that was sick also.

She made the call to her sister and got some info on the little girl for me. This little girl has brain cancer and they can't remove it. She is 9 and has had it for 3 years now. She has been real sick lately and no longer able to attend school for this year. She goes to school with one of my cousins sons.

I got with the members of WOCS (World of Charity Stitchers) and ask if it would be possible to make a quilt for her. They all said lets do it. So we got some of the little girly squares we had on hand and started the quilt. We tried to get squares from all over the world for her to show her that others around the world cared about her.

Stitchers for this special quilt are as follows:

Top row of squares- Barb C from TX stitched the Personality "Tea Party Teddy". Mary Ann from AR stitched the EMS Angel with hearts. Karen from Scotland stitched the Butterfly in the Jar from a UK Magazine.

Third row of squares: Donna (me) stitched a little girl with flowers. Gale from NC stitched the Friendship Teddy. Cathy from CA stitched the little girl in the cat costume.

Sixth row of squares: Pippa from the UK stitch the blue Butterfly. Shelli from NV stitched the ballerina. Ann V from the Uk stitched the Personality Bear Quilter.

I would finish and quilt this special quilt for Alyssa. She loves pink and princesses so I took some of the fabric on hand and added the princess photo from Belle, Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty to it with some fabric that had just princesses all over it.

We hope to be able to deliver the quilt to her in April. I will make another post on how this turns out. I am making a trip to GA the weekend of April 11 and hopefully she will be well enough to visit and give her the quilt.

Thanks to WOCS for helping to get this quilt together for Alyssa.

The Results are In

I have been waiting to make this post until I got the scores. I found out on Fri March 22,2008 that I had passed my certification test. But that the certificate and scores was in the mail. I got the certificate and scores this week on Thursday.

Here is the scores from my test. The top score for these test range from 300 to 900.

Total score 696 (had to make a 650 to pass)
Assist Pharmacist in Serving Patients- 687
Maintain Med. Inverntory Control Systems- 716
Admin. Mgmt. of Pharmacy Practices- 712

Now one knows what all the other scores are unless they are parts of the test. But I do know that they are graded 3 different times. Once by computers and then by other people.

My certificate now hangs on the wall at work. I also got my new name badge and they would spell my name wrong so have to get another one. LOL

But I did PASS. So that was a great news for me. Not sure what or when I will get a raise from it. But hopefully that wont be long in comeing also.

Thanks so much for all the surport that you my friends gave me during this time. I truely love you for it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend finish for WOCS 3-15-2008

I have been working on this quilt top for a boys theme for a month or so now. Have had it done for a few weeks and just need the time to get it quilted and the binding put on it. Well, I can say it is now finished.

The stitched squares were done by WOCS members. I took the squares that was turned in and decided to use these for an animal theme quilt for a little boy. Pippa (UK) stitched the whale. Gale J (NC) stitched the horse. Liz (UK) stitched the dragon and hampster. Maggie (UK) stitched Sylvester the cat.

I love working with different blocks and colors to show off the stitched squares. I think this one turned out nicely. I am not a professor by any chance but love designing and quilting these for the kids and elder in charities that WOCS sends to.
I am showing the back of this quilt since the stitching showed up so well on the dark blue fabric. Just remember I am not a professor and still learning how to machine quilt. I do these on just a regular Sears sewing machine.
I can only hope that the little boy that gets this quilt will feel the love from the stitchers and me. I hope it will wrap him in love daily and bring a smile to his face everytime he uses it.

Not alot of crafting

This week I had to take my test for Pharmacy Tech Certification for work. I started the classes in Jan and took the test with the PCTB on Marh 12,2008. I have to say that it was the hardest test I have ever taken in my 45 years. Now there I go telling you how old I am. LOL

My schedule time for 5:00 in the afternoon. To have already been stressed to know it was THE Day was enough then to have to wait that long was horrible. Rachel (SIL) rode the hour drive to Birmingham with all the traffic involved in driving on the interstates. We got there an hour early. the only good thing from that was we didn't have to wait to take the test.

Inside the test center we were finger printed, photos taken before and after the test was over. They say it was for sercuity reasons. Yea right. But the test was two hours long. We weren't allowed any breaks until finished.

I have to say that out of the 90 questions on the test if I got 45 right I would be happy. It was a hard test and had lots of hospital measurements that I don't or wont ever use in my job. So doesn't look like I did very well. You have to score at least a 650 to pass.

I will get my results on March 24,2008 by email and snail mail. IF by chance I did pass I will tell you there will be one LARGE party going on.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Square for David K

This is another square that I cross stitched for a child on Love Quilts USA. The first due date was June 1,2008 but due to health problems soon after posting for sign ups it became an "Emergency Quilt" for David.
His theme was eagles or hawks with a Christian verse on it. I chose the eagle going into flight and a verse from John 16:33.
"These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer. I have overcome the world."
I hope that David will find comfort in this verse as he lays with his quilt. May God bless him and give him peace and understanding.

Square for Donald M

I cross stitched this square for a child on Love Quilts USA. The due date is May 1,2008. Donald wanted a Christian theme for his quilt. When I say this chart it made me smile. So thought it might do the same thing for him.
Verse on square reads " A Happy Heart Makes the Face Cheerful". This comes from Proverbs 15.
I hope he will enjoy it. May it bring him love and comfort on his quilt.

Bookmarks for WOCS 2008

Here is two bookmarks that I did for my WOCS group. These will be sent to Mary Ann to give to Arkansas Children's Hospital. I hope that they will bring a little joy to a child while they read their favorite book.

Friday, March 7, 2008

New to Blogging

Hi everyone,

All my on-line friends have blogs and I read them often. So I thought I would give it a try. I am not much of a writer so not sure how well this will turn out but I'm going to give it a try.

I am going to post my craft items that I do through out the year hear and tell you a little bit about each one. I love making items for charity and have done it for several years now. I will even post a few other topics on here as my kids come home from college and goes off to college. My son is 19 and in College in TN. My daughter is a senior this year and will be starting college in Aug. So that will give the house back to hubby and me most of the time.

I love reading when I can find the time. I do most of this on the nights I have to close at the pharmacy and if I have a few minutes left on my 30 minute lunch time. We also love riding our motorcycles when the weather is good. DH has an 1800 Goldwing and I have a 800 Vulcan. We try not to ride in the rain or very cold. But we love getting out and letting the wind blow through our hair on those good days. My cousin and her hubby have their own bikes and we get together often to take off just the 4 of us. Wayne has a 1200 Goldwing and Martha rides a 1100 something. I can't think of what it is right now. LOL We have a great time together and enjoy each others company. We are taking a trip in June to Helen, GA and ride our bikes the whole week. We will be touring NC, SC and GA along the way. We are all looking forward to that trip.

To let you know a little bit about my charity work. I have stitched squares for many quilts for kids under the age of 18. These I have sent to Love Quilts USA and Quilts 4 Kids in Aust. They are great groups to help with cross stitch squares for their quilts and they give them to children that have life long illness or life threaten illness. If you would like more info or a link just let me know. I would be happy to share them with you.

I have also done several for older people that live in homes or have illness that are life threaten.

I help moderate a group on yahoo called WOCS. It is World of Charity Stitchers. It is a smaller group that started up Jan 14, 2007. We have done lots in the group since we started. We send items to the elderly in homes in the UK and Scotland right now. We also send items to hospitals in AR, NV, and CA here in the states. We have alot of talented members and we do lots of different crafts from our group.

We crochet or knit blankets for the elderly in homes. We cross stitch squares for quilts for the kids and the elderly. We crochet or knit blankets for the kids, babies and preemies overseas and in the US. We make bookmarks, cards and other items for the kids also. I have done some of all to help the group. I am one of the main quilters for this group.

Through the yahoo groups I have joined a couple of quilting groups that help kids all over the world also. I haven't been able to send much but hopefully that will change this year. They are WAS (Wrap A Smile) and WTIL (Wrap them in Love).

I am taking my test to get cert. in pharmacy tech next week and with school for that and working full time it doesn't give me lots of time to do my crafts. But I do what I can when there is time available.

I hope you enjoy my blog if you decide to read it.
Have a blessed day,