Saturday, June 21, 2008

Several WIP

I have several WIP (works in progress) that I have been working on. Some are cross stitch squares for charity quilts and a few more quilts for WOCS.

While I was in GA for the death of my Mom. I lady names Teresa put a post out for help with a quilt she wanted to make. She knows of a young lady that lost her Mom last year and is still have a hard time coping. So she started a quilt for this lady and I don't want to post the name of it becuase I might get it wrong so will do that later in another post.

Her question was could someone help her stitch the 23rd Psalms for the back of the quilt and add the info of the Mom to it. She also had a deadline of July 8 for this project. I emailed and told her that I could do it with my counted cross stitch. After chatting several times and working it all out I am stitching this for her.

It is so wierd sometimes how God can make things happen that you may never understand. This ladies Mom was only 3 years older than me. At my Mom's memerial service the 23rd Psalms was read. So I really think this is one of God's ways of helping me through my sad times with me reaching out to another.

I started the project on June 20,2008. I am stitching the 23rd Psalms printed by Cross My Heart. It is being done on 28ct honeysuckle pink. Teresa is using a black fabric for the backing so with the the pattern and colors I think it will look great together.

I will post the finished peice when I am done. I also hope that Teresa will let me post a photo of the finished quilt front and back for you to see.

Please say a prayer for this young lady and me that we will both be blessed through God grace and this project.

Hanny's Hearts of Love Quilt #3

I joined a group in May that is on the web and through yahoo which is called Stitch For Pleasure Stitch for Charity. This group is based out of the UK. When I joined I had hopes of helping with stitch squares for the quilts they make for the kids. WOCS also was looking at haveing what we call Stitch A Longs (SAL) for them to get a few quilts together for the kids. We have now got a Precious Moments theme going to help them with the new kids that will start to the school in Sept. All of them have sever disabaities.

I made my first post and chatted about the things I have been doing with other charities. Come to find out they didn't have but one quilter in the group and she was a beginner like me. So we chatted and I have aggreed to help with putting the quilts together as needed.

The first quilt that I was sent was Hanny's Hearts of Love. Hanny helped to start the group and passed away last year from Cancer. So one of the members make an outline heart chart to the group and you can stitch whatever you like in the middle for the quilts. I love this idea and working with the 12 blocks that was sent was great fun.

I sent the quilt back to Jane on June 21,2008. So here is a photo of Hanny's Heart of Love Quilt #3.

Moira's Fabric Challenge to the Sunshine Quilting group

Back in late April if I remember right Miora from the Sunshine Quilting group I have joined through yahoo posted a challenge for us. Here is the post that she made.

***A new challenge by Moira! Fall/Halloween themed fq's to be sent to make as many child friendly blocks as possible from the stash of Moira's friend who passed away unexpectedly a few years ago. Use any 9" finished block that you want. When she gets the blocks back, she will assemble them into quilts for WAS in honor of her friend! Full details on our Sunshine Yahoo group!***

So I sent my SASE's to her and got some of the fabric. I got falls colors and made 8 blocks for her. You can see what I came up with. I hope she likes them and they will go along with the others for the quilts she makes for these kids.

For those that would like to know about Sunshine. Here is a little info on the 2 groups that we send quilts to. I have not been able to send a whole quilt just yet. But have done several blocks for challenges since joining the group in late 2007

WAS (short for Wrap-A-Smile)

In 2002 we began working with Wrap-A-Smile. Wrap-A-Smile is part of a Rotary program called Rotaplast. Rotaplast sends medical teams to South America to perform cleft lip/cleft palate surgery on children. Wrap-A-Smile is an arm of that project and provides quilts for each child to be wrapped in after surgery. The children keep the quilts and take them home. Countries to which we have sent our quilts include Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia, China, Viet Nam and Romania.

WTIL (short for Wrap Them In Love)

In 2003 we connected with Wrap Them in Love, a quilt donation program housed in Arlington, Washington. Wrap Them in Love has become a foundation and an official non-profit organization. They send quilts to orphanages as often as they can, using personal deliveries and any connections they have with travelers. Quilts have gone to Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, Philippines and many other countries.

Thanks for reading. :-)

Catching up

Hi all,

If you have been waiting for a post I am sorry. I have been on a wonderful week of vacation in the mountains of GA. This was the first week in June. We took our bikes and rode all over. I hope to post more with a few photos for you later.

Then my Mom passed away on June 13. So took off to GA to be with Pop and see thinks through there. Then back to work. So sorry for not posting lately.

I am going to post a couple of craft projects that have been finished since the last post. Hope you enjoy reading and seeing what I did.