Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hanny's Hearts of Love Quilt #3

I joined a group in May that is on the web and through yahoo which is called Stitch For Pleasure Stitch for Charity. This group is based out of the UK. When I joined I had hopes of helping with stitch squares for the quilts they make for the kids. WOCS also was looking at haveing what we call Stitch A Longs (SAL) for them to get a few quilts together for the kids. We have now got a Precious Moments theme going to help them with the new kids that will start to the school in Sept. All of them have sever disabaities.

I made my first post and chatted about the things I have been doing with other charities. Come to find out they didn't have but one quilter in the group and she was a beginner like me. So we chatted and I have aggreed to help with putting the quilts together as needed.

The first quilt that I was sent was Hanny's Hearts of Love. Hanny helped to start the group and passed away last year from Cancer. So one of the members make an outline heart chart to the group and you can stitch whatever you like in the middle for the quilts. I love this idea and working with the 12 blocks that was sent was great fun.

I sent the quilt back to Jane on June 21,2008. So here is a photo of Hanny's Heart of Love Quilt #3.

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