Saturday, March 29, 2008

Alyssa's Quilt from WOCS 2008

While visiting with Martha and Wayne (my cousin and her hubby) the first weekend in March. I was finishing the square for David K for Love Quilts. We got to talking about the square and she knew someone from her town in Ga that was sick also.

She made the call to her sister and got some info on the little girl for me. This little girl has brain cancer and they can't remove it. She is 9 and has had it for 3 years now. She has been real sick lately and no longer able to attend school for this year. She goes to school with one of my cousins sons.

I got with the members of WOCS (World of Charity Stitchers) and ask if it would be possible to make a quilt for her. They all said lets do it. So we got some of the little girly squares we had on hand and started the quilt. We tried to get squares from all over the world for her to show her that others around the world cared about her.

Stitchers for this special quilt are as follows:

Top row of squares- Barb C from TX stitched the Personality "Tea Party Teddy". Mary Ann from AR stitched the EMS Angel with hearts. Karen from Scotland stitched the Butterfly in the Jar from a UK Magazine.

Third row of squares: Donna (me) stitched a little girl with flowers. Gale from NC stitched the Friendship Teddy. Cathy from CA stitched the little girl in the cat costume.

Sixth row of squares: Pippa from the UK stitch the blue Butterfly. Shelli from NV stitched the ballerina. Ann V from the Uk stitched the Personality Bear Quilter.

I would finish and quilt this special quilt for Alyssa. She loves pink and princesses so I took some of the fabric on hand and added the princess photo from Belle, Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty to it with some fabric that had just princesses all over it.

We hope to be able to deliver the quilt to her in April. I will make another post on how this turns out. I am making a trip to GA the weekend of April 11 and hopefully she will be well enough to visit and give her the quilt.

Thanks to WOCS for helping to get this quilt together for Alyssa.


Barb said...

Barb, Alyssa's quilt is beautiful and I know she will feel all the love put into it. How wonderful that you will be able to deliver this one. You're an angel!

Mary Ann said...

The quilt is beautiful! I know it will be so special for you to deliver it to her. She is going to love the quilt!!