Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend finish for WOCS 3-15-2008

I have been working on this quilt top for a boys theme for a month or so now. Have had it done for a few weeks and just need the time to get it quilted and the binding put on it. Well, I can say it is now finished.

The stitched squares were done by WOCS members. I took the squares that was turned in and decided to use these for an animal theme quilt for a little boy. Pippa (UK) stitched the whale. Gale J (NC) stitched the horse. Liz (UK) stitched the dragon and hampster. Maggie (UK) stitched Sylvester the cat.

I love working with different blocks and colors to show off the stitched squares. I think this one turned out nicely. I am not a professor by any chance but love designing and quilting these for the kids and elder in charities that WOCS sends to.
I am showing the back of this quilt since the stitching showed up so well on the dark blue fabric. Just remember I am not a professor and still learning how to machine quilt. I do these on just a regular Sears sewing machine.
I can only hope that the little boy that gets this quilt will feel the love from the stitchers and me. I hope it will wrap him in love daily and bring a smile to his face everytime he uses it.


Carol E. said...

Nice quilt, and the quilting looks just fine. I only use my home machine for quilting, also. They are just as cuddly, done professionally or "home style."

Mary Ann said...

I love the quilt, and I think your quilting is top notch.

Barbara said...

Beautifully done, Donna!!!!! I think your work is top notch!!!
Love ya,
Barb in TX

Donna said...

Thank you ladies. I am glad that you all replied it sure made me feel better about what I did.

Barb said...

Donna, beautiful quilt! You do such a nice job with the colors! I'm soooo impressed with your quilting skills tho... such straight lines! I'm jealous, wish I could do that!!